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I have a suggestion for improving the site

We welcome all suggestions - please let us know about bugs or suggestions here

Is This Free

Yes it is! We decided on a business model that allowed Page's to be free to our users. We do use advertising via Google Adsense on the Page's created by the users - the revenue from these ads is used to maintain the site and system.

Can I Create More Than One Page

We only allow one page per account. This is to prevent spam and abandoned content. If you are managing Page's for other people, you will need to create a new account for each Page

How do I Log in

You can log in by going to https://circletime.ca/user/login or by click on "Login / Register" at the top of each page.

Once you have registered an account, you can use your Facebook credentials to log in

How do I Register

You can register by going to https://circletime.ca/user/register or by clicking on "Login/Register" at the top of each page. You must have a valid email address in order to register

Each Email can only be registered once, meaning one account is attached to one Page. If you are providing support for multiple Childcare Facilities, each Page will require a unique email, and a unique account

How do I Create a Page

When a user is created, a corresponding Page is created. Once you register an account you will immediately have access to edit your Page, and your Page will be accessible to the public

Can I Change the Theme after a Page is Created

Yes! you can change the theme whenever you want, as often as you want. In fact, we created a cheat so you can view your Page's Home quickly and easily using any theme we have available. You must be logged in for this to work:

add ?theme=%theme name% to the url. So for example, to view the Page we set up to show functionality "Example" can be viewed by typing the following into the browser:  https://circletime.ca/example?theme=pointred   to view it using the Pointred theme, or https://circletime.ca/example?theme=blue  to view it using the Blue Masters theme. Use the following chart for theme names:


Blue Masters ?theme=blue
Corked Screwer ?theme=corkedscrewer
Phoenix ?theme=phoenix
Lexus ?theme=lexus
Nexus ?theme=nexus
Point Red ?theme=pointred
Software ?theme=software
Starfish ?theme=starfish
United ?theme=united
Yellow ?theme=yellow


This allows you to quickly see what your site would look like using a different theme, without having to go through the time consuming process of changing the setting and viewing your Page for each one.


Do I Have to Pick a Logo

No, if you don't include a Logo, a default logo will be used which looks like this:


Do You Provide Images / Logos

We provide a number of icons, logos and images for your use, free of charge. These can be found under the Public Library in the Media Browser. Normally this is accessible via the green Browse Button or via the Image shortcut when inserting images into text

Where does the Contact Us email go

The system automatically sends the contact email sent by a client or interested party to the email on file for your user account. To that end you should register your account with an email that you monitor regularly for the business. Your email address is not divulged to the user completing the Contact Us form

We use a CAPTCHA requirement as part of the Contact Us form to prevent automated spam being sent to your email address and adding unnecessary load to our servers

I Need a New Page For Specialised Information

We are always interested in adapting our system to as many different situations and set ups as possible.  If there is a page, or new section you feel is needed and would benefit the community at large, please let us know - if there's enough interest, we'll add it to Circle Time for everyone!

I want My Page to Look Like the Example Page

No Problem! - let us know what you want, and we'll write a tutorial on how to do it, or if we're not too busy, we may just do it for you

What are Information Blocks

Information Blocks are areas of text and/or images that appear in different places of a website. Different themes show a different number of blocks, and in different places